Lamparas UV e IR

Ultraviolet · Infrared · Disinfection · Fluorescence

We supply all types of UV lamps, IR lamps and special emitters for curing, heating, polymerising, disinfection, fluorescente visual inspection, aging...

We have a large stock of lamps ultraviolet, infrared, metal halide, germicidal, blacklight, etc. and we are able to manufacture any other lamp or emitter on demand. (Special prices for scheduled orders).

We offer our technical staff to solve any issue or concern you may have.

If you are interested in quotation of any ultraviolet lamp, infrared ... or would like information or advice, contact us. We'll be glad to assist you.

Ultraviolet machinery and infrared equipment

In addition to the lamps and emitters, we design and manufacture all kind of infrared and ultraviolet equipment and machinery for the industry: vacuum frames, UV dryers, IR ovens, air-jet ovens, conveyors, sterilizers, etc.

We bring service worldwide from our headquarters in Barcelona, where our engineering develops products according the specifications and requirements of each customer.

Our wide range of ultraviolet and infrared products, and the possibility to manufacture any other on request, allow us to tailor our products to any market need.

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