UV lamps

uv curing lamps

Ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet or UV light is the electromagnetic radiation portion located below the visible light with a wavelength comprised from 100 nm to 400 nanometers.

ultraviolet spectrum

Scientists have classified UV radiation into sections according to the effects it produces:


Its emission goes from 320 nm to 400 nm.

This radiation can penetrate our skin or any substrate, and is frequently used in process industry "in depth curing".


Is the uv radiation between 280 and 320 nm.

It has a higher energy than UVA but not penetrate as deeply, producing a faster cure. UVB radiation 'burns'.


It is the section between 200 and 280 nm.

This is a high energy radiation that falls as soon hits any surface. In industry it is used for "surface cure." It is also used widely in germicidal applications eliminating viruses and bacteria effectively.

UV curing lamps

The UV curing consists of the solidification of ink, varnish ... by use of ultraviolet radiation on materials in the finishing process.

An UV lamp consists of a quartz glass bulb or tube filled with gas, with two electrodes at the ends, which by supplying electricity forms an arc between them, heating and increasing the pressure of this gas and producing light emission.

Depending on the gases and additives inside the bulb will result in a spectrum or another.

The ultraviolet lamps stand out for its versatility and functionality in every application, since this system does not involve the use of solvents. Its main use is the curing or drying of materials for polymerization and oxidation.

Variants and odds

ultraviolet wavelength

UV spectral distribution

Depending on the required UV emission the lamps can be manufactured with different doping: Mercury, Gallium, Iron, Lead, Thallium, Bismuth...


Sockets and endings

The caps may be either ceramic or metallic, with or without wires, shaped as needed to take.

UV lamps

Power and dimensions

We can supply lamps with an arc length from 50 mm up to 2 meters long, and power from 80 W/cm to 600 W/cm (according needs).


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